Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Torrent now available for Series IVa, and an Update: Language of Mathematics and Math in Real Life (#152)

Table of Contents: Language of Mathematics and Math in Real Life

Direct links to torrents on The Pirate Bay:
  • Series I: Videos #1 to #35 for The Language of Mathematics, produced in 2007.
  • Series II: Videos #36 to #58 for The Language of Mathematics, produced in 2008.
  • Series IIIa: Videos #61 to #92 for The Language of Mathematics, produced in 2009.
  • Series IIIb: Videos #93 to #142 for The Language of Mathematics, produced in 2010-2011.
  • Series IVa: Videos #143 to #151 for The Language of Mathematics plus some videos for Math in Real Life, produced in 2011-2013.

II. Description

At the request of my readers, in 2009 I began to provide torrents for the math videos. The torrents are available through The Pirate Bay and other file sharing networks.

Downloads are series specific and the files organized based on their video number and/or year, i.e, the order in which the videos were produced. See the table of contents for The Language of Mathematics and Math in Real Life to put things into context.

Please note that videos from Series I, II, and IIIa are tagged with chycho.com, and those for Series IIIb and Series IVa are tagged with 420math.com. Since videos have gone through an additional edit in the process of putting this site together, they may vary slightly from those in the torrents.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Five Stages of Destruction as it Relates to America’s War on Drugs: “The House I Live In”

At approximately 1:27:00 into the following amazing documentary, The House I Live In, reflecting on the work of Raul Hilberg , Richard Lawrence Miller provides a summary of the step-by-step process of destruction as it relates to America’s War on Drugs (relevant video segment follows the full documentary):
1. Identification – a group of people is identified as the cause of the problems in that society. People begin to perceive their fellow citizens as bad or evil. Their lives become worthless.

2. Ostracism - we learn how to hate these people, how to take their jobs away, how to make it harder for them to survive. People lose their place to live and are often forced into ghettos where they are physically isolated, separated from the rest of society.

3. Confiscation - people lose their rights, they lose civil liberties. The laws change so that it becomes easier for people to be searched and for their property to be confiscated, and once you start taking people’s property away, it makes it easier to start taking people away.

4. Concentration - the State begins to concentrate undesirables into facilities such as prisons and camps. People lose their rights. People can’t vote any more. They can’t have children any more. Often their labor is exploited in a systematic form.

5. Annihilation - this might be indirect, by withholding medical care, by withholding food, or by preventing further births. Or it may be direct, where death is inflicted, where people are deliberately killed.

The House I Live In

Note: I’m not sure how long this video will stay up on youtube so watching it sooner rather than later might be a good idea.

Excerpt: The Chain of Destruction (Holocaust in Slow Motion)